Ways to Relieve Stress

How To Meditate For Beginners

Meditation has become one of the most favorited ways to center and ground yourself. Being able to train your mind to be still and mindful has life changing benefits that are worth giving a try.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of using techniques to improve ones awareness and focus. Meditation can be as simple as doing quick breathing exercises to more complex meditations.

In this post you’ll learn about the benefits of meditation and 3 types of meditation you can try today.

How Does Meditation Benefit Your Growth?

Increase Self Awareness
As you learn to meditate, one of the changes you can expect is an increase in your self awareness.
Becoming more self aware helps you build more resilience and better self discipline, making achieving your goals much smoother.

When we’re more in tune with ourselves, we’re able to express our feelings and listen to our inner voices.

Stress Management

meditation stress management

Using meditation to reduce your stress levels is a great tool to have, especially if your life happens to be more stressful than others.

Meditation teaches us to calm our body and mind, so physical and emotional stresses can fade away.

When we manage our stress we enjoy  better sleep, more energy, and a clearer mind.

Improved Ability To Focus

Need to improve your focus at work or school? During meditation you have to tune out distractions and find something to focus on.

That’s why focusing on your breathing, images, sounds, or sensations can easily put into an meditative state.

Improved Overall Health

Meditation can lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, improve breathing, and reduce cramps.

You can read more in depth about meditation and health benefits here.

Here’s 3 Types of Meditation you Can Start Today

1. Breathing – The Simplest Form of Meditation

Sit quietly for a certain amount of time and focus on your breathing. Start with deep inhales and soft exhales then find a steady breathing pattern to focus on.

Here’s a great 3 min guided breathing meditation for you to try out.


2. Guided Meditations – Great For Beginners

Using a video or audio meditations, a guide will help you to focus with guided thoughts and feelings. Guided meditations usually do a combination of breathing and visualization.

Visualizing is the act of using your imagination during meditation.

3. Yoga Meditation – Combing Movement With Mindfulness 

yoga meditation

This type of yoga has a heavy emphasis on being present when on your mat. Slow movements that help you focus on how your body feels or the thoughts that come up, when in certain positions.

If you wish to live a more harmonious life, meditation is a great tool achieve this.

Learn to naturally find stillness within.

Meditation has so many benefits that can change everything for you.

Use it to reduce stress, improve anxiety, and empower your spirit to think and take action!

Have your own meditation tips or advice to share? Please leave a comment for everyone to see.

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